Lighting and Sound Services


Sound Design and Operation

EventTec uses the highest quality of sound equipment to make your event or show sound the best. From a small drama performance to a large music event, EventTec has the equipment to cater for your event. We keep a stock of industry leading sound equipment such as Microphones, High Power Speakers, Amplification Systems, Stage Snakes and High-Fidelity Cabling.

Maintenance and Installation

We know that there is very little time and budget for general maintenance for lighting and sound systems, but it is an incredibly important part to keep your equipment working for longer. EventTec are incredibly flexible with working hours and pricing.

Lighting Design and Operation
EventTec uses the latest in lighting technology to make your show or event look unique. Our products are of the highest quality, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. Offering a large range of Moving Fixtures, Intelligent LED Lighting, Generic Lighting, Laser Technology and the latest Lighting Control Consoles.
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