EventTec Production Limited works with a range of education establishments from Primary schools to Colleges and Universities. We pride ourselves on quality and the ability to spend time teaching students and staff at a professional level for the industry ahead. EventTec is well connected in the industry and has everything you need for your school show or event. We supply industry-leading sound, lighting, set, props, costume and scripts. EventTec knows its a stress full time planning a school show or event so we want to make it as easy for you from start to finish. All our staff are fully DBS checked and fully insured.

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School Shows


When it comes to a school show EventTec knows how stressful and difficult it can be. We pride ourselves on supplying a reliable and easy technical solution for your show, which takes huge pressure off the Director or Producer.

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Maintenance and Installation

We know that there is very little time and budget for general maintenance for lighting and sound systems, but it is an incredibly important part to keep your equipment working for longer. EventTec are incredibly flexible with working hours and our prices will not be beaten. 

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EventTec believes in teaching the next generation of technicians and designers. We love to teach people skills and pass on our knowledge if that is to a teacher or a student. When you hire EventTec we teach students how to run and operate the equipment safely, this is a key as it gets all students involved in the production, no just to act but to manage the stage, operate lights and build sets.

School Show Steps to Success


Step 1

This step is the most vital of all the steps this starts with you! Contact us!! if you know what show you're doing great but if you don't, don't worry. Send us an email saying you're looking to produce a show and what you have in mind. We will give you advice at a professional level and advice on how you can make your show as professional as possible for the least work.

Step 2

This is the planning stage. This step is when you decide what show you want to do and what EventTec can do to help you. This may be sound and lighting or it may be supplying scripts and set for your show. Once there is a confirmed date we can give you a quote.

Step 3

This step is normally a week before your show starts. This is the week all the Equipment that is going to be used on your show arrives. This is EventTec's favourite part because this is the part we get to teach the students and staff. We install and test the equipment, making sure it is fully working and if the school would like students to operate and program the show this is when they would be taught.

Step 4

This step is the tech rehearsals. Now EventTec knows how stress full these runs can be working in multiple schools. We have seen it all. We have a tried and tested technique into making these rehearsals go as smoothly as possible. From mic plots to lighting cues EventTec is there to make this as calm and quick as possible, making sure the end product is as stunning as the West End.

Step 5

The Show. EventTec makes sure that everything is in place and ready for your audience. Making sure that the student tech team is confident that they know what their doing and ready for a brilliant show. EventTec staff are always there during the first show to make sure it happens with no issues. If there are any issues when the show is running and we are not on site we guarantee to be with you within 30 minutes and are always just a phone call away 24/7.

Step 6

The final show night and the get out. This is the part when months of hard work finishes. EventTec will come and de-rig the equipment that night or the following day(s). In the following days this is when payment invoices and final paper work gets sent out to the correct people.

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